2 in 1 Intel® Ultrabooks Deliver TCO Savings

Principled Technologies analysis shows that a 2 in 1 vPro™ Ultrabook™ is a less expensive and more secure alternative for organizations that are considering purchasing a laptop and a tablet for staff members.

Is BYOD Killing Collaboration?

What can a business do to ensure that it is garnering the maximum value from BYOD solutions and how can it recognize when disruptive technologies stop being beneficial?

The Ageing PC Effect—Exposing Financial Impact for Small Businesses

To understand the comparative cost differences of maintaining older vs. newer PCs Techaisle surveyed 736 small businesses. The results are in... replacing (rather than repairing and upgrading) PCs 4 years or older proves to be more cost effective.

A Tablet and a Business PC in One

Ultrabook™ convertibles and detachables. Effortless multitasking and incredible performance that adapts to your needs and converts to the right tool for the right task.

Tablet Mobility & Laptop Performance in One Device

The Ultrabook™ convertible is a no-compromise touch-based mobile device that combines the best of the tablet with a world-class laptop; see how it can further your business.

A Better Web Browsing Experience

Would you like your tablet to encounter fewer problems and be less dependent on workaround apps? Principled Technologies tested several browser/tablet combinations and found the best combination with the fewest problems.

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Innovation in business computing is moving at a rapid pace. IT now has a range of options from new business-class tablets for task-specific workers, to full-featured systems for mobile information workers, to space-saving all-in-one devices for office workers — all with Intel® technology inside.

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